We Should Expect More From Our Elected Officials

At last Tuesday’s Select Board meeting, four of the five members chose to let 20+ years of institutional knowledge and a record of stellar performance walk out the door. And by that, of course, we’re referring to their decision to not reappoint Bill Koehan to the Community Preservation Committee.

This decision came despite overwhelming support by Plymouth’s residents as evidenced by 850 write-in votes last spring, and a more recent letter read aloud at the Select Board meeting signed by 80+ individuals.

Why was Bill removed? Who knows. Outside of Kevin Canty, NOT ONE OTHER SELECT BOARD MEMBER chose to articulate their reasoning for not reappointing Bill. 850 votes; overwhelming community support; 20+ years of knowledge and performance and… David Golden, Charlie Bletzer, Dickie Quintal, and John Mahoney had nothing to say. No debate. No exchange of views. Nothing.

This is not how the Executive Branch should run. This is a representative form of government and as such the Select Board is tasked with governing AND representing the will of the people. If our elected officials feel their constituents are ill-informed, they owe it to those same voters to explain why. It’s their opportunity to display leadership in governing.

This did not happen last Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “We Should Expect More From Our Elected Officials”

  1. It is with deep sadness I watch the hometowns I proudly grew up in and, returned to to raise my own child, devolving into a place I no longer am proud to call home.
    I have faithfully voted every local election. It was ingrained in me as my father served on the Board of Selectmen for over 25 years.
    Our local elected officials used to act on behalf of the Town as a whole. They represented the constituents who voted them in. They were not self serving. They didn’t look to profit from big developers, nor kowtow to those developers’ every whim. They looked to preserve the charm of Plymouth and not deplete her historic heritage or all her natural beauty for greedy, vindictive, or selfish purposes.
    The current Board is taking our Town down a slippery slope of personal interest over public service and its a fast road to destruction of America’s and my hometown.
    It seems since COVID and the shutting down of Town Hall, remote meetings and all the virtual events it caused. Our Town government has been allowed to act of its own free will with NO consideration to the constituents it serves. The people at Town Hall and being appointed to boards and committees are rampant with cronyism.
    I have been frustrated, dismayed and angry about Town Hall’s narrowing vision these past few years with breaking of covenants, and other unethical decisions. The removal of Bill Keohan has finally spurred me to write down my disappointment. Shame on all of the Board, except for Kevin Canty. You are not listening to your voters, worse than that you are not respecting the people who elected you enough to offer explanations for your actions.
    Plymouth is no longer a Town with a government representing its residents. It is a Town being managed and manipulated by developers and those profiting from their dirty handouts.
    Unfortunately, I believe this letter will fall on deaf ears. But, in all good conscience I could not sit back silently any more.

  2. This was a total mistake by this Selectman. A travesty against a long time resident who has given great service to this Community. I am sorry to have watched this happen. You 4 have committed a disservice to this Community

  3. Bill Koehan has single-handedly done more to preserve the beauty of this town than the rest of us put together. His commitment and determination are inspiring. I am truly concerned about the future of our beloved Plymouth.

    Jennifer Tarantino
    Life long resident

  4. I have been attending Community Preservation Meetings since December 2022. I have watched newer appointed members bully and be disrespectful to the then Chair, Bill Koehan.

    At one meeting, Joan Bartlett requested that the Select Board send a different representative to the CPC from the Select Board because John Mahoney was so rude and disruptive. A letter, signed by the majority of the committee was sent to the Select Board. They chose to totally ignore the letter. The application from Redbrook was delivered after the closing date for applications by the Town Manager to the CPC. Yet, Koehan, alone was blamed for any miscalculations. Why was he always the scape goat? The CPA articles for Town Meeting go before the Advisory and Finance Committee, the Select Board, the Finance Department, and the Planning Board for review.
    Town Meeting members were always well informed of the CPC articles as Bill would attend each caucus to explain and answer questions of Town Meeting representatives and citizens also attending these public meetings. He also provided a booklet with a summary and the entire application and documentation material and site visits were provided.
    I don’t think the present members of the CPC have any idea how much time, communication with prospective applicants or institutional knowledge resulted in the Hedges Pond Recreation, Center Hill Preserve, the conservation of the last 92 acres of the Plymouth County Farm., the Spire, the restoration of the 1820 Court Room guided by David Berman,the Overlook to Stephen’s Field, I could go on and on with the CPC accomplishments.
    This is the END OF AN ERA for Plymouth and the Community Preservation Act.

  5. June 19, 2024

    As a lifelong resident of Plymouth and a staunch defender of our current form of government, I am deeply disappointed in the way the current board is conducting business. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into serving on the board, but that being said, if you are going to be on the Select Board, then you should acknowledge what the voters who put you there have communicated to you. Your behavior at last week’s meeting was disrespectful and dismissive. You can do better than this.

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