Arrowheads up the hill is a​ really cool blog written by ​Andi Diehn about her great-grandfather, Jesse Brewer (1888 – 1971). To quote Andi,  " ​[Jesse Brewer] writes about daily life [in Chiltonville] before things like the internet, cable television, smartphones, and pre-grated cheese were daily realities.

Jesse and his wife, Thelma, had four children and many family and friends within walking distance – Jesse is forever stopping at people’s houses for games of cribbage, or spending the day hunting rabbits with a friend, or seeding trout ponds with fish eggs.
He is also driven by his passion for archeology and is forever on the lookout for arrowheads.

This project began in January of 2019 and is still going strong in 2022. I’m trying my best to post one entry per day on the corresponding date. (But I’m pretty busy with my own writing/editing career and family, so please forgive if I skip a day.)"

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