Select Board to discuss Wastewater CAC

March 12th Meeting

We’re told the Select Board will be discussing the need for a Wastewater Citizens Action Committee (CAC) at their next meeting. As you’re no doubt aware, we have asked the town to consider forming a CAC to assist in the town’s waste water treatment discharge permit application as defined within the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) process

Your Presence is Needed

With over 500+ signatures on our online and paper petitions, we have been successful raising awareness for more public input into the proposed 300% increase in groundwater discharge at the wastewater facility in Camelot Park. It’s crucial, therefore, we attend the Select Board meeting to share public comment and reinforce our conviction behind the CAC. Their agenda will be posted later this week. Please check this link periodically to get the exact time and specifics.

Once the Board has defined and approved the CAC formation and charter, they will post for volunteers. We have put forth the names of four or five individuals who we believe are extremely well qualified to participate in this process, and have standing (e.g., live within the Eel River Watershed), however, committee appointments will not happen until some time into the future.

Understanding the MEPA process

Please join us on March 17th 3:45-5:15 for our next Sundays @the Barn meeting when retired EPA Program Analyst, Kathy Castagna, talks about the MEPA review process referenced above.

The MEPA review process provides meaningful opportunities for public review of potential environmental impacts of projects where actions by state agencies are required. It is extremely important we understand this process so the community can effectively interact with it and strive for a positive outcome.

Sound interesting? Let us know if you’ll attend by clicking here.

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