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300% Increase Waste Water Ground Discharge in Camelot Park

We reached out to Doug Pinard, Town of Plymouth Sewer Manager, ( and Neal Price, Horsley Witten Group, Inc. Senior Hydrogeologist ( regarding the town’s MEPA request to reroute 1.75 MGD of waste water currently flowing through the harbor outfall to the waste water facility located in Camelot Park (an increase of the current ground discharge from 0.75 MGD to 3.0 MGD). Doug’s reply below:

Good afternoon Mark,

Thank you for reaching out and I would like to answer any questions you might have. I also wanted to let you know we had a public meeting on our EENF filing with MEPA on October 4th, 2023, at 5:30pm and I have recently extended the schedule with Environmental Monitor to  close  the comment period on 12/1/2023. We have posted the EENF and the public presentation that was given on October 4Th on the Towns website, which you can find at the following link:

This is a long process and filing of an EENF is the first step. There will be more public meetings to come in the new year with our EIR filling. Please review our presentation on the towns website and if you have any questions after that you can submit them through the comment portion with MEPA. 

An Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF) has been submitted to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) office for this project. The EENF can be viewed through the MEPA Environmental Monitor by clicking on ‘Attachments’ for the corresponding project:

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