See You In September?

“Here we are saying goodbye at the station”… Hope your summer is going well but as the song goes, “will [we] see you in September or lose you to a summer love?” (apologies to the Happenings).

(video provided by Big Foot)

Is Plymouth the “sand and gravel removal capital of the South Shore” — or the world?

Please join us next month when we resume our Sundays @the Barn meetings on Sunday, September 24th at 3:45-5:15 when Meg Sheehan will be talking about sand and gravel mining within Plymouth, illustrating their impact to ecosystems, aquifer and Indigenous cultural sites. Learn more here.

Meg is a public interest environmental lawyer who grew up in Plymouth. She is currently coordinator for Community Land & Water Coalition, a project of Save the Pine Barrens based in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Coalition’s mission is to protect, preserve and steward the land and water resources of the region.

Please RSVP here to let us know if you’ll be attending. It will be great to see you face-to-face but if you can’t make it, please plan to watch our livestream here.

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