September 24th Sundays @the Barn

Is Plymouth MA the “sand and gravel removal capital of the South Shore” — or the world?

 By CleanDrinkingWater

In 2015, Emily Clark, writing for the Old Colony Memorial, warned that America’s hometown, Plymouth, was leveled by sand and gravel removal.

Today, the crisis is worse: Plymouth is at the epicenter of the global sand mining industry. The fine silica sand laid down by the glacier across the regional is a globally rare commodity.

Please plan to join on Sunday, September 24th at 3:45-5:15 when Meg Sheehan will be talking about sand and gravel mining within Plymouth, illustrating their impact to ecosystems, aquifer and Indigenous cultural sites.

Meg is a public interest environmental lawyer who grew up in Plymouth. She is currently coordinator for Community Land & Water Coalition, a project of Save the Pine Barrens based in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Coalition’s mission is to protect, preserve and steward the land and water resources of the region.

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