Original Pinehills traffic distribution

Follow up – Chiltonville Traffic

Sent to the Planning Board via email 6/13/23: I’m following up on my email sent May 11th of this year in regard to the traffic entering and exiting Pinehills, LLC to the north. 

The current traffic counts documented by Pinehills LLC and Vanasse & Associates, Inc. (VAI) on February 3, 2023 far exceed the original, 1998 full buildout projections… and Pinehills LLC is still far from full buildout.

I am curious to hear whether the Planning Board intends to take up this issue and ask Pinehills, LLC. to “participant in local discussions and consideration of options for additional means of ensuring preservation of the character of Chiltonville” as promised within their original 1998 Pinehills, LLC MEPA Certificate.

Our concerns are further articulated here. Please let me know if you need anything else from the Chiltonville community to assist in this effort.

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