2.5 times the traffic!

Traffic into Chiltonville

According to the most recent study, daily traffic entering/exiting the Pinehills property to the north of The Pines Driveway (e.g., Chiltonville) averages 2,345 trips during the weekdays and 2,065 trips on Saturday with a couple of important footnotes:

  1. Pinehills is still not at full buildout.
  2. The original projection back in 1998 was 945 trips at full buildout
  3. This study was conducted in October, 2022 (i.e., does not include the impact of summer traffic)

Where did the original traffic projections come from?

The original 1998 Pinehills, LLC MEPA Certificate stated the Pinehills community would:

  • consist of 1,897 homes
  • have 920 retirement homes
  • have four 18 hole golf course
  • have 1.3 M sq. feet non-residential development (conference, retail, office/R&D)
  • generate 29,062 vehicle trips ave. per weekday
  • generate 18,890 daily external trips (35% capture)

How was the Chiltonville traffic projection determined?

According to Pinehills, LLC’s original 1998 Pinehills, LLC MEPA Certificate, only 5% of the daily external trips would travel on northern Old Sandwich Road (click here to see a portion of an analysis presented in October, 2004)… so, if we multiply 18,890 daily external trips by 5% we get 945 trips through Chiltonville. With the current counts at 2,345 trips during the weekdays and 2,065 trips on Saturday that’s 2.5 times the traffic original planned… and we’re still not a full build out!

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