Chiltonville April 2nd Meeting

UPDATE to the Sunday Chiltonville meeting discussion

The next planned meet is Sunday 4/16 at 4:00 PM. Here is the link to the meeting:

Items Discussed in the previous gathering:

1. Conservation Commission hearing

The Pymouth Conservation Commission met on 04/02. After hearing public comment, they voted to allow BumpRock Road to be widened from (16′) to (20′), the next step was to create an Order of Conditions and identify the required protection measures for the wetland area.

UPDATE: Due to process (technical or procedural) issues the VOTE WAS INVALID AND THE CASE MUST BE HEARD AND VOTEN ON AGAIN:

On Tuesday April 11 at 7:00 PM, the Conservation Commission will re-hear public comment and vote on the expansion of BUMP ROCK ROAD.


Note: Richard Withington will speak – but only after all other public comments have been heard.

Note: We are the last agenda item so if you wish to be heard: prepare for a wait.

2. Land Court Appeal of the ANR Planning Board decision (Covenant/Conract)

Attorney Bob Galvin will file motions on March 22. We review our resources, plan next steps, and advise you of our approach.

UPDATE: The Land Court Appeal is OVER

3. Upcoming Town Elections, and open board positions :

On May 20 the town ballot will include (2) Planning Board positions, and (2) Select Board positions.

Candidates will be invited to voice their positions in the Barn at 66 Forge Drive.

4. Bump Rock Road Electrical issues

Historically the area has had floating ground/electrical issues. When the Smith’s planned their house, expert guidance recommended extraordinary electrical mitigation efforts be taken. Similarly Ellis and Jennifer were advised to protect against potential voltage problems by installing exceptional grounding measures in and around the foundation walls. 

Earlier last year residents Bump Rock Road raised electrical issues with the utility provider when several livestock were electrocuted. The utility spent much time and effort studying the problem, and stated they the issue had been addressed. They have not shared their analysis, nor identified the root issue, neither had they identified the steps taken to resolve the problem. 

Recently livestock have perished, yet the autopsy was inconclusive, so no action was taken. 

The electric utility said the problem was resolved. Should complaints be raised, they will need expert testimony to support the complaint allegations prior to a utility response. 

For Now: Be aware of the potential risk and report to your neighbors any suspected issues. 

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