Great Turnout! Select Board/CAC discussion

Step One

The Select Board discussed the need, structure, and purpose of a wastewater discharge Citizens Advisory Committee at their meeting last Tuesday. Netting it out, they voted in support (unanimously), deciding the committee would be made up of seven individuals balancing representation from Eel River, the harbor, environmental concerns, etc

The town will advertise for 30 days looking for volunteers and move quickly to form the committee. As mentioned before, we’ve already submitted four or five names of well qualified individuals as prospective candidates.

Thanks to everyone who came out to attend the meeting. A crowded room helps provide emphasis, elevate priority, and in general keeps everyone ‘sitting up straight in their chairs’. Those unable to attend the meeting but interested in more information are encouraged to watch the replay video (click on the orange triangle below) starting at 30:45.

Next Steps

Hope you can join us this Sunday, March 17th from 3:45-5:15 when retired EPA Program Analyst, Kathy Castagna, talks about the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) review process – the very thing the CAC will be providing input upon. Learn more here.

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