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We don’t need a crystal ball to see issues on the horizon that will impact Plymouth and Chiltonville; the 1,500 acre Holtec Property, Pilgrim decommissioning, increased wastewater ground discharge in Camelot Park, to name a few.

All politics is local

Tip O’Neill

These are issues that will be influenced by public policy and we need to ensure Chiltonville is informed and ready to participate in the public policy process. Unlike the other villages of Plymouth (North Plymouth, Downtown, West Plymouth, Manomet, Pinehills, and Cedarville) Chiltonville has no steering committee, and therefore, we need to use other means to stay informed and voice our opinion. Chiltonville.org and its newsletter are two of the methods we’re using to do that.

Please forward this email to your friends and neighbors encouraging them to join our mailing list (by clicking on the image below) to stay informed and expand our presence.

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