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Our community is growing! So much so that we’ve outgrown our free membership status with our email provider (Mail Chimp). If you find value in these newsletters, please consider donating to help defray the cost. provides an online source of information to help keep the community apprised of issues and developments that could impact Chiltonville… period, full-stop.  No axe to grind, no hidden agenda. ​We are not a 501(c)3, nor a superPAC, nor Alt Right or Left, Just a group of folks who thought it might be helpful if we all stayed informed.

2 thoughts on “Donations Welcome”

  1. Greetings from 22 River St,
    There is a new vacancy on the Conservation Committee and I am interested in encouraging candidates to apply who are committed to fulfilling the environmental mission of the committee (see details at the Town website by searching Conservation Committee). If any of your members are interested, please contact the Select Board, who is the appointing authority for the ConCom, or if you know someone who is interested, please alert them to this opportunity.
    Thank you,
    Martha Vautrain

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