46 Sandwich Road

Town Meeting Update

Absolutely fantastic information provided by Steve Bolotin (recently elected Planning Board member) regarding the 46 Sandwich Road issue (Article 1) coming before Town Meeting on June 21st – please reach out your precincts 4, 15, and 18 Town Meeting Reps to express your views (don’t know your precinct? click here):

“Town and Developer Provide Additional Information

Following some additional exchanges regarding the potential use of the 46 Sandwich Road building and parcel, Rick Vayo, the developer offering to sell the property to the Town, provided the a history of the transaction and his company’s findings in performing due diligence on the site. While there is no doubt Mr. Vayo is an interested party, I offer his statement as merely additional information for consideration by those who will be making the decision – our Town Meeting Members:

Holtec contacted my group several months ago asking if we would be interested in purchasing the property. At that time they did NOT disclose that the Town had been in negotiations over…”

Read more at Steve Bolotin’s website (click here)

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